Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Endless Love - Duet with Tom - "Ultimate Duet" Contest

I auditioned for this contest. The host wanted us to submit recorded songs then she would pick partners and assign a song to sing. Whatever pair number we were assigned, there was a corresponding song to sing. We were pair #11.

1) Cruisin'
2) A Bad Goodbye
3) Out Of Control Raging Fire
4) Picture
5) I've Had the Time of My Life
6) Squeeze Me In
7) On My Own
8) Still Holding On
9) The Heart Won't Lie
10) Something Stupid
11) Endless Love
12) Baby It's Cold Outside
13) I Finally Found Someone
14) Who Says You Can't Go Home
15) I Got You Babe
16) Your the One That I Want
17) Let's Make Love
18) After the Fire is Gone
19) Don't Go Breakin' My Heart
20) Jackson
21) Wild as The Wind
22) Close My Eyes Forever
23) You and I
24) A Whole New World
25) Almost Paradise

My initial reaction was "Oh my God! This is so out of my range!!!" So I mostly used falsetto (sp?) to sing my part. But when I looked at the other songs, well I did not know most of them, and/or they had higher notes. So I guess it was not too bad.

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