Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How Do You Keep The Music Playing

A duet with riffraff (Paul).

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I was tagged!!!

I was tagged by elapot for this...

Elapot is one of my favorite singers in SS.

1. Name one thing you do everyday.
- Either record a song or listen to a song/several songs on singsnap (that is, after I have become a member. Grabe, kaka-addict!)

2. Name two things you wish you could learn.
- I could have learned to play the piano kung hindi lang ako tinamad mag-attend ng lessons nung bata pa ako. And I would love to learn playing the sax...I guess it's too late now.

3. Name three things that remind you of your childhood.
- My stepdaughter's boyish ways, my younger son's meekness, and my older son's compliance.

4. Name four things you love to eat but rarely do.
- dried squid (this was the reason for the first "quarrel" I had with hubby)
- manggang hilaw (they rarely come to this state. If I happen to buy them (expensive ones), they usually are yellowish that they are not really hilaw)
- dinuguan (I do have frozen pork blood stocked in my freezer, but it grosses my hubby out, and so I cook it only on occasions when I get together with my Filipina friends.)
- tinapa (for the same reason I rarely eat dried squid)

5. Name five things that make you feel good.
- Praises for my cooking coming from my hubby and children, and from in-laws.
- Giving away egg pies/leche flan/special breads to my friends/relatives and seeing their reaction.
- Cuddling with hubby on those morning we both can stay in bed late.
- A good hot bath in our jaccuzi (best investment especially during these winter days!
- Hearing praises for how my children behave/perform in school ("If all students is like Patrick, every teacher would love going to school everyday.")

Now...due to very limited time (blame singsnap!) I can't keep this tag going or else I would be spending more time blogghopping as well...wala nang mangyayari sa cleaning duties ko sa bahay...

Who says that karaoke is only for singing???

I just gotta post on this...

This man plays sax wonderfully...

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Merry Christmas Darling

PinoySingSnappers AllStars Project02.A

We dedicate this song to those who are away from their family this Christmas. We know how hard it is not to see your family sit around the tree opening gifts, or having dinner together. We sympathize. We hope you try to get the most of what you have, who you're with and where you are. We wish you all the happiness in the world. Most of all.... We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!

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Performed by:

elapot, Hazelcute, Ylla, Pinay, Manang, Lilnanz, ana_f_ever, grjdemuynck, Mai725, vgnia, iwunder, jemima, Nisrine, Angelene, --ja--, junix, kitz, Beambam, Bluepepper, mamaberry

Special Thanks To:

Garci (Founder of the PSS Allstars)
Mamaberry (venue sponsor)
Reynaldo (video editing)
Aubzie (audio mixing)
Pinay (banner)
Neutrongirl (upload)
Lark (Coordinator)

Pls. support our upcoming projects as well. Our aim is not to separate ourselves from the rest of the SS Community but to touch hearts and encourage people to share to one another our gift of music. Thanks to all who care and most of all to Singsnap for giving us this opportunity to reach out to the whole world.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee

I started decorating for Christmas...kinda got me into this season's spirits!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Friday, November 23, 2007

Zombie - The Cranberries

Syempre love ko eh...Another for the Featured Page.

The original version:

My version:

I might have to re-do later...